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Robscan's engine ALYac receives VB100 certificate

San Francisco, California, December 15, 2011 – Roboscan Inc., the company that developed and released the new Roboscan line of Internet Security products, announced that Roboscan’s unique ALYac engine received a VB100 award for anti-malware protection from Virus Bulletin, a leading publication about computer malware and protection.

Roboscan’s ALYac engine was one of 44 security products reviewed by Virus Bulletin in their October 2011 publication “VB100 Comparative Review on Windows 2003 Server R2.” The ALYac engine performed exceptionally, as described by Virus Bulletin: “Detection rates were excellent as predicted, the Alyac scanner effortlessly blasting through the sets with barely a miss.”  The reviewer also highlighted the ALYac engine’s lightness and speed: “Running the tests proved smooth and problem-free, the product zipping through our sample sets with good speeds and low overheads.”

Roboscan Internet Security has been praised for its dual-engine security; in addition to the ALYac engine, Roboscan uses the trusted BitDefender engine for a second line of security against threats. Roboscan has also received attention for its speed. Roboscan was engineered to run faster and lighter than its competitors while providing excellent protection from malware. Roboscan Basic is available for free by download from 
www.Roboscan.com. Roboscan Premium, which offers additional features such as PC Optimization, is available for $9.99 yearly. 

The VB100 certification is awarded by Virus Bulletin to products that meet the following criteria: 1. Product must detect 100% of “In the Wild” malware as published by the WildList Organization International, and 2. Product must not identify any false positives, i.e. the product must not identify any clean files as malware.

 Roboscan’s ALYac engine also performed very well in other categories reviewed in Virus Bulletin’s October 2011 publication. The following chart illustrates products reactive and proactive detection scores (the ALYac engine is identified as ESTsoft). The ALYac engine was one of only 11 products to attain an average RAP(Reactive and Proactive) score of over 90%.

Roboscan Vice President Leonard Lee expressed his pleasure with the results of the Virus Bulletin publication: “We are proud of the success of our product Roboscan,” said Mr. Lee. “It’s a great feeling to see the care and hard work we put into the engineering of Roboscan pay off. We applaud Virus Bulletin for their efforts to educate the public about internet secur
ity and, above all else, we promise to continue providing the best security products to our customers.”

The BitDefender engine, which Roboscan uses in conjunction with the ALYac engine, was also recognized with a VB100 award for its anti-malware performance.
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