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Roboscan’s ALYac Engine Receives Another VB100 Award

San Francisco, California, January 12, 2012 - Roboscan Inc., the company that developed and released the new Roboscan line of Internet Security products, announced that Roboscan’s ALYac engine received a VB100 award for anti-malware protection from Virus Bulletin’s December 2011 publication, VB100 Comparative Review on Windows 7 Professional.

Roboscan’s ALYac engine ranked as one of the top security products tested, despite some “major changes and a radical overhaul” of Virus Bulletin’s test methodology.  In this December publication, Virus Bulletin made adjustments to their original testing as well as adding a new Extended WildList set for improved detection and performance measures. 

Roboscan’s ALYac Engine was among the 54 security products tested for the RAP score.  The RAP (Reactive and Proactive) test measures the products’ ability to handle a massive quantity of newly emerging malware as well as their accuracy in detecting previously unknown malware.  Clearly, the ALYac engine succeeded, receiving a high RAP score of 94.4%.  The chart below illustrates the average RAP scores.  The ALYac engine is identified as ESTsoft.



The review “expected another impressive run” from ALYac engine in this December publication and ALYac delivered, as described by Virus Bulletin.   “The installer weighed in at 159MB, and after a 20-second pause at the outset, it moved along quite nicely, completing in only a minute or two.”  “The WildList set was handled with ease,  and with no false alarms…”  The reviewer concluded by stating, “ESTsoft makes the grade for VB100 certification for the second time in a row.” 

The BitDefender engine, which Roboscan uses in conjunction with the ALYac engine, was also recognized again with a VB100 award for its anti-malware protection. 

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  • 01.19.2012