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  • complete protection with
    Multi-Layered Detection
  • Catches even unknown
    threats with Proactive
    Detection Technology
  • Firewall and Self Protection
    Mode for shielding PC system
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    • roboscan Android
    • 05.24.2011 | by Renegade

    "Simplicity at its Finest"

    As I deal with complex technology every day, the last thing I want is more complexity to get simple things done. roboscan on my HTC Desire HD is perfect because it's simple and easy. The UI is attractive, and when its running, it's unobtrusive. I've been running roboscan Android for a few weeks now, and there's no downside that I've seen so far. Everything is smooth sailing. Security shouldn't be painful, and with roboscan Android, it's completely painless. Ryan Smyth

    • roboscan Internet Security
    • 03.23.2011 | by Biotherm Homme

    "Simple looks with essential security features"

    I was told to my Korean friends that roboscan is one of the famous software in South Korea. I used one of the software called "ALTools" from roboscan company, but I was still dubious to use it because other than PC utilities, unqualified security program can damage my PC because of malware or hacker attacks caused by poor defense and monitoring ability. The first impression of roboscan was very intuitive. Not to mention the big icons, only scan and clean button was displayed at the main winodow. There was no anti spam, messenger or other stuffs that hard to know. Two big buttons shows what this sofware does: find the virus and clean it. Maybe some one would say it is too simple to protect my PC. But, given that roboscan provides firewall, real time scan and PC optmization tools I was satisfied as long as the it defends the current viruses and catches well. The company boasts for using dual engines, its own engine with well-known Bit Defender engine. I don't know much about the engine quality for both engines, but it did not use resourse as I could do anything with running the product. Rather, I thought roboscan was a bit better than other products as it caught malware that I could not find at my previous securiy program. Still, it takes more system resources than I thought, so I hope free roboscan can be more lighter after major updates.