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Roboscan Internet Security

  • complete protection with
    Multi-Layered Detection
  • Catches even unknown
    threats with Proactive
    Detection Technology
  • Firewall and Self Protection
    Mode for shielding PC system
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    • Roboscan IS Free
    • 05.05.2013 | by m.p.s

    "Shared Folders"

    Hello, I'm currently testing the Roboscan Version Free, I am very satisfied with the performance of the product (Scan, detect update files in general); Only one problem so far is what bothers me and I do not think it's just me (shared Folders), or shared folder is always a sign of insecurity then how about implementing an option to monitor (shared Folders) without declaring them as unsafe. Thus the icon Roboscan not be red indicating it has something "Wrong or unsafe"; I have not tested the pro version to see if the issue is resolved. No other product is great, keep it up the quality generates quantity. Users would be more aware more carefree! graciously Marcos Paulo (Computer Technician) - Brazil m.p.s @ outlook.com

    • Roboscan IS Free
    • 04.07.2013 | by jimbojet2013

    "Gonna try it now 4 a little while"

    Be back when research is over!