• Tera engine DB Update
  • Bitdefender engine DB Update

Roboscan Internet Security

  • complete protection with
    Multi-Layered Detection
  • Catches even unknown
    threats with Proactive
    Detection Technology
  • Firewall and Self Protection
    Mode for shielding PC system
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Sales FAQs

All Registration Purchase and Renewal Activation

How do I renew my copy of Roboscan?

When your Roboscan license has expired or your expiration date is approaching, follow the License Renewal link within Roboscan or go directly to Roboscan website.

Roboscan will notify you of the need to renew your license when your expiration date is close.

You can follow the direct link shown at the Renewal Window to purchase the license or you may purchase the license on our website. 

For more details, send email to