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BitDefender Study Finds 68% of Social Network Users Unawar..

 BitDefender Study Finds 68% of Social Network Users Unaware of Threat from Suspicious Posts
Study reveals that 93% of users don’t use a security solution to protect their social network accounts
Over 2,700 respondents, ranging between the ages of 18 and 65, were surveyed on the types of relationships they had with friends on social networks. On average, participants had 137 online friends – with a surprising 42% of these people they did not know.
The majority of people – 68% - admitted to not issuing warnings to friends in these online communities if they noticed suspicious posts and other activity in their newsfeeds. Worryingly, those people said they were unaware that the suspicious posts were likely to pose security risks – many saying they had clicked on links, therefore unknowingly spreading the e-threats.
“It was interesting to find out the level of active – or inactive - involvement when it came to the protection of social network users’ accounts. Despite the general awareness about social networks being now a main attraction for cybercriminals, 93 percent of the respondents stated that they either don’t need a security solution for Facebook or that they were unaware of the existence of these solutions,” said Sabina Datcu, E-Threats Analysis and Communication Specialist and author of the survey.
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  • 01.01.2012