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    Multi-Layered Detection
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    threats with Proactive
    Detection Technology
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    Mode for shielding PC system
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Technical FAQs

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roboscan Cure Windows shows up again after disinfection

If the file still appears at roboscan scan window even if it is not saved at system restore folder, the system is already infected by virus. In this case, the system cannot be cured at once, and virus reinfects the system after rebooting.   

When scanning the system, do not run any programs or files to prevent other running files from being infected.

Reboot and access to safe mode and scan 2 or 3 times.

If the files other than viruses show at scan results window, please send the file name and describe the issue briefly via roboscan Virus Report Tool. You can either send this issue via roboscan program or the roboscan website.

Go to Virus Report Page: